A special note from the author:

Everyone has vision in life. A way in which they see the world in their own special way. And then there are some who have the ability to share their vision with others, to inspire them to great heights. Michael Battle was one such individual. I can't express to you how many stories I have heard about him. How many smiles he brought to peoples' faces. What an amazing person he was. The world truly lost a great soul the day he died. However, I have found something quite amazing of late. At Michael's memorial service, Tor, the man who taught Mike everything about the sea, said :

"If Michael was a girl, he would have been an angel."


A number of people have said that Mike has visited them in their dreams and told them that he is alright. Whatever ones beliefs are, I think it is important to know that, we are the ones who are "alright", knowing that Capt. Mike is watching over us. Mike is an angel, making a difference even now. He brought many of us closer together. He showed that you must seize the day. Don't give in and do what you want. We make our own rules and must be passionate about life.

I offered to do this site because I thought it was important.I heard Deanna, Mike's "little sister" tell some wonderful stories about him. We will all cope with Mike's death in our own way. This is my healing process. I want the site to inspire you and give some hope for the future by showing you how passionate one man could be. Please sign the guest book with your thoughts and comments. If you would like to see something on the site or have comments, please email them to me at arik@mindless.com

I could write a detailed biography on Michael, but the hundreds of pictures found on this site speak better than my words ever could. Look through them and you'll see how amazing Michael truly was.

My love to Martin, Stella, John, and Deanna Battle. Also to all his close friends and anyone else Michael touched with his special flair. You will be forever missed Michael, but thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Dare to Dream!

Ari Bolden